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My inspiration here has been medieval illuminated manuscripts, Arabic, Persian and Hebrew calligraphic writing, and ancient Asian characters. You may find yourself struggling to read what they say, but all the writing is invented.

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These paintings explore different color palettes and textures; some use flat paint application and some areheavily surface-textured. Most are bold, free-flowing compositions. My inspirations include jazz music and brilliant tropical flora from my travels in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean Islands.


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I include images and text evocative of the time and place depicted in the work, such as Yiddish newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, and old family photographs. One canvas suggests my belovedZaida’s corner store in West Philadelphia. I also depict the chaos of urban redevelopment in places like Salt Lake City and Philadelphia and will often follow the wrecking ball to find my next inspiration.

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In this series, I depict actual houses or combine elements from multiple houses to create Victorian fantasies in paper and fabric lace, organdy and dotted Swiss, ribbons and trimmings, as well as paint in a mostly pastel palette. A visit to Galveston, Texas, an island replete with beautifully preserved and detailed Victorian homes, inspired me to create many of these works.